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Find Me A Home …

Find Me A Home …

Let us find the perfect home for you. Give us a call with some basic information. We will input your profile into the Central Oregon Association of Realtors®Multiple Listing Service and automatically email you any new listing matching the criteria you give us the moment it is enter into the system.

Please complete the following and email us so that we may better assist you.



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Are you committed to another real estate agent?     YES     NO

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Is this an exploratory trip? When do you anticipate purchasing your new home?

Immediately     Within 3 months     Within 6 months     Within a year     No Set date

Have you been to “Sunriver” before? What is your motivation for buying? (circle all that apply)

1031 Exchange      Investment       Retiring

Second Home        Transferring      Quality of Life

Other  _________________________________________

What is a comfortable price range? Has a lender prequalified you for a loan?     YES     NO

If YES, for how much? ____________________________

Must you sell your home before buying?     YES     NO

If YES, what is the status? ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________

How much cash do you want to use for the purchase?  ­­____________________

What features are you looking for a property?

How many bedrooms do you need? ______________     Baths? _____________

Interior Square feet? _____________________     Land Area? ________________

Style of home? _________________________  Townhome/Condominium YES     NO

Single Story     Two Story     Master Bdrm on Main Level   Garage (min) 1  2  3

Rental/Non-Rental        Age of Home _________________

Additional Comments:                                                                                                  

How many are in your family? ________ Do you have school-age children?     YES     NO

Where are you and your spouse employed? ________________________________

What times are best for you to view properties? ________________________

How did you here about us?  (circle all that apply)

Internet     Real Estate Sign      Referral       Sunrive Scene       Word of Mouth

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