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Is Your Home Ready to Sell?

It is time now to look objectively and unemotionally at your home. Look at it no longer as your home, but as a product to be marketed. Be aware of what you can and cannot change about your home. This knowledge will allow you to concentrate on those items that will bring the highest rewards

First Impressions

The first thing a potential buyer sees is your home from the street – the first impression called “curb appeal.” Take care to:

  • Remove any junk or clutter from the yard.
  • Have a clean, crisp lawn (a bit of fertilizer makes for a greener lawn).
  • Trim shrubbery and hedges.
  • Wash decks and porches and make sure they are stained or painted.
  • Clean and paint or stain your front door.
  • All exterior lights should be operational.
  • Exterior windows should be clean and operational.
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts.
  • Walkways should be swept and free of snow or ice during winter.
  • Make sure the garage door is closed.


Most buyers do not have a vision – so help them. Present your home dressed in its best! Here are some minor investments which may have some major returns.

Through Open Doors

Paint – when it comes to preparing a house, painting gives you the best return for money spent.

Flooring – at the very least, all carpeting needs to be steam cleaned. Any worn, stained or foul smelling carpet should be replaced. Any flooring that is cracked or damaged should be replaced, if possible.

Clutter -If something is not necessary for your day-to-day life, box it up and store it or throw it out.

Closets – Closets need to be neat, clean, and organized.

Cleaning – the cleaner, the better. Dusting, washing, waxing, polishing everything will always make a good impression.

Lights – clean the fixtures and make sure the bulbs work.

Windows – replace any cracked windows

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